Amy Malachowski has been coaching competitive and recreational skaters for ten years.  She is a member of The Professional Skaters Association, US Figure Skating Association, and The Bozeman Figure Skating Club.  A Regional and Sectional competitor herself she has coached many skaters to achieve Senior Level Tests and High Level Competitive Goals.  Amy specializes in Free Skating, Moves in the Field, Figures, US Figure Skating Basic Skills, Off Ice Jumps, and Power Skating for both Hockey Players and Figure Skaters. She coaches all levels from recreational, testing, and competitive skaters. Accomplished coach with all ages small children and adult students.  Private or group lessons are available. Rate is $60.00 per hour and most lessons are twenty or thirty minutes in length. 
For more information or to schedule an interview please contact Amy Malachowski at 406-581-1248 or

Emma Jobson has been skating for the last twenty years and coaching for the past nine. Throughout my skating career I was fortunate to pass two senior level USFSA tests (moves and freestyle) and compete nationally as a senior level skater;  synchronized skating and theater on ice. One of my favorite aspects of skating has been performing in shows. During college I skated professionally as a cheerleader for a professional hockey team. My coaching philosophy is that you make the most progress when you are passionate about what you’re doing, I believe that the most important aspect of any sport is having fun, and I believe in the importance of taking the time to develop a solid technical foundation.  Coaching Focus: freestyle, moves, power, choreography - 

Rate: $12/20 min. The best way to contact Emma is email:


Kari Barbo is a long time fan and member of the Bozeman Figure Skating Club. She first joined the BFSC coaching team in 2002. Currently she serves as a board member, On-Ice Director, coach, and mother of 2 skating members. Kari has been coaching figure skating for more than 20 years. Her skating experiences include training in Minnesota and becoming a MN State Champion. She competed at regional and national levels and has worked with many skaters training for this type of competitive skating career. Kari has passed gold level tests in both Moves in the Field and Freestyle. She enjoys working with all types of skaters and looks forward to sharing her love of skating with this community for years to come  Private or group lessons are available. Rate is $60.00 per hour and most lessons are twenty to thirty minutes in length.  For more information please contact Kari Barbo at  218-349-4920 or                                

Kendra Hergett started skating in Great Falls, MT at the young age of 2 - years - old and has been skating for various clubs throughout her life.  She has sixteen years of skating experience and four years of coaching experience in both Missoula and Bozeman working with all ages and levels in both private and group lessons.  Kendra is a gold medalist in Moves in the Field, a silver medalist in Patten Dance, has passed her Intermediate Free Skate, and Intermediate Solo Free Dance.  She has competed regionally and nationally and has received second place in Young Artists Showcase, a national choreography competition.  IN coaching, she focuses most on choreography, Moves in the Field, Pattern Dance and Freestyle skating.  

Rates:  $40.00 per hour. Contact Kendra at Phone 406 - 544 - 6756 or Email:

Figure skating is a multifaceted sport. A coach plays a seminole role in the development of a figure skaters performance - whether they want to just skate recreational or competitively.  It takes an individualized plan and personal relationship to teach all the elements involved in becoming a complete figure skater.  Coaches help skaters develop emotionally, physically, psychologically to have a successful skating future.