Bozeman, MT

Coach Behaviors to Help Create a Productive Class Environment:

  • Individual skaters or skaters in lessons have the right of way.  
  • For on-ice classes, a skater cap can be decided by the individual coach(es) teaching the class, as long coaches communicate with one another, the club, the rink management about this cap.
  • Lesson plan prior to the class. 
  • Make class structure, information, guidelines, and any other information easily accessible. 
  • Communicate with the skaters, parents, and primary coaches respectfully and professionally. 
  • Cancel in a timely manner. 

Parent and Skater Behaviors to Help Create a Productive Class Environment

  • Arrive for the class on-time. 
  • Communicate any and all changes, updates, comments, issues, etc. in a respectful and timely manner.
  • Register for classes in a timely manner. 
  • Pay for the session prior to taking the ice. 
  • Pay the coach in a timely manner. 
  • Warm-up prior to taking the ice.
  • Follow all class, coach, and rink policies.
  • Communicate with your primary coach.

Group Class Expectations

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