Freestyle Ice Packages

​​How do payments work?
We are offering four different packages for all Figure Skaters.

Drop In = $20 (not through this registration page)
25 Session Package = $400.00 ($16 per session)
50 Session Package = $700.00 ($14 per session)
100 Session Package = $1,000.00 ($10 per session)
238 Session Package = $1,900.00 ($8 per session)

How do I purchase the packages?
You will register for the packages on the BAHA website using the following link.

How are the passes tracked?
Before using the ice time, all skaters must sign in on the clipboard located between locker room C and
locker room D. We will track your progress and will be able to let you know when you are getting close
to using all your passes.

Who can use the Freestyle ice?
Freestyle ice is intended for figure skaters only. Public skaters, hockey players, etc., are not permitted
to use the ice.  All skaters must have a USFS skating number and must email their proof of membership to Dave Weaver at before using the Freestyle ice.

Are walk ins allowed?
Yes. The walk in fee is $20.00. There will be a yellow drop box between the two rinks. Please put cash in an envelope. Skaters must put their name on the envelope, their USFS number on the envelope, and put $20.00
inside, then deposit the money into the yellow post next before using the ice
time. Please note that if you choose to participate by paying the drop in fee, then decide to purchase a
package deal, you can not transfer the drop in fee to the package deal.

Who is allowed to coach on Freestyle ice?
All certified coaches are allowed to coach on the Free Style ice. They must submit proof of insurance, coach compliance, and SafeSport certification via the button below before coaching. Coaches are required to sign in before using the ice to coach. Coaches are asked to remind all students to sign in before using the ice.

Do skaters have to be members of the BFSC to participate on Free Style ice?
No. Skaters must have proof of membership to USFS, but they do not have to be a member of any
figure skating club to participate.

Is there a difference in cost for longer sessions, or for better ice times?
No. All sessions are considered equal. We recognize that some ice sessions are 50 minutes in length,
and some ice sessions are 80 minutes in length. We also recognize that some sessions begin at 6:00 AM
and some sessions begin at 4:00 PM. All sessions are considered equal, and will equate to 1 session of
your package deal, or a $20.00 walk in fee.

How do I find the schedule?
The schedule can be found on the BAHA website under the “schedule” page or under the BFSC Schedule page button above. Please keep in mind some sessions are on the Bottcher rink and some sessions are on the Ressler rink, so please check both schedules on the BAHA website. The schedule online through the BAHA website (button below) is ALWAYS correct.

When can I register?
Immediately. Registration is currently open. You can register for package deals anytime throughout the
winter season.

Please direct all questions to Dave Weaver